the magic of blogging for writers

I recently finished a novel I’d been working on daily (for years), and I’m in-between freelance projects, so my usual scheduled writing hours reached out around me like an abyss. Luckily, I’ve been through a lot of therapy, so I recognized the tightening fear in my chest from how much my identity is wrapped up in writing and working to prove myself.

Still, I needed something to do.

Sleeping in and watching TV (which my therapist did suggest) makes me even more uncomfortable. I’ve crafted my discipline strictly, so rest (outside the deep slumber at night) makes me fidgety. I want to write. To create. To express myself.

So – blogging.

I have three blogs – a bit gratuitous, but they all serve different purposes. The first – Asheville Historic Inns – is a companion to my nonfiction book and gets regular visitors interested in lesser-known Asheville History, like Nina Simone’s High School and Colonel Sander’s Hotel.

Another – Rumbling the Reason presents inspiration through the lives of writers and artists, daily by their birthdays. This is about halfway complete. I ran out of steam, and I’m not quite ready to jump back into it yet.

But I want to write. About writing. The process I”m going through having faith and putting my recent novel out there.

So I jumped on this catch-all blog – BBQ, Church and Beer, that started it as a history backup for the things I was learning for my novel The History of Things.

Some people claim that blogging is irrelevant – just as they claimed print books would become obsolete. Who cares?

Right now, I’m happy. It’s 5:14 am. I have coffee. Not-my-cat is under my desk, purring at the window. And I’m writing.

Here are the things that are magic about blogging.

Blogging gives you a reason to write daily.

Whether you do it first thing in the morning, during the day, or late at night, sticking with publishing regular blogs makes you write. And it’s instantaneous – it takes no time for your words to be out in the world once you push Publish.

Blogging helps you explore your thoughts and ideas.

Blogging allows you to explore your thoughts and ideas, experimenting with where they can take you. It’s not a final draft or a published book. Be brave enough to exercise your creativity and throw your heart into the void. The fact that no one may ever see it gives you even more freedom!

The magic of possibility

Maybe you are the only person who will see it. Chances are, at least one other person is up and searching and will run across the magic of your words. I’ve had blogs I’ve written that have laid dormant for seven years before a random link somewhere sends 500 people to my site. It’s magic and full of possibility.

But you can’t manifest any miracle if you don’t put it out there. So put it out there.


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